The best DJI Air 2S backpacks [Hard and soft options]

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Carrying your DJI Air 2S securely and safely to your takeoff location is important for drone ownership. I want every drone that I own to be able to be stored and transported safely without having to worry about the drone becoming damaged during transit. I have tried several backpacks for drones and everyday carry.

The best DJI air 2S backpacks include the peak design everyday backpack, the Lykus M1 and the hard backpack case by Dronside. Ensuring the backpack fits the form of the drone will ensure a secure and bump free ride to your takeoff location.

It is important to buy a backpack that securely wraps around the form of the drone. Many DJI drones can be folded into smaller sizes for transport. No matter what size the drone can be folded into, it must provide a close-fitting and padded hole for the drone to securely nestle in.

Here are the best DJI air 2S backpacks currently available on the market and will protect your drone during transit.

DJI Air 2S backpack

Best Everyday Backpack

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack has been one of the best backpack purchases I’ve ever purchased. It’s a product that wasn’t designed expressly for drones, which is why I like it so much.

Because I intended to use my drone in a specific way, I needed something to work for me. I needed to transport my drone in addition to other needs such as laptops, cameras, USB drives, papers, multi-tools, chargers, and other necessities. And I discovered that a dedicated drone backpack didn’t give me the adaptability I needed to carry around some of my other responsibilities.

I was first introduced to peak design by a friend, and I haven’t looked back since.

The partitions provide incredible adaptability and allow me to arrange the backpack precisely how I want it is one of my favourite features of this drone.

There’s no doubt that I spent a couple of hours painstakingly rearranging every divider to ensure that I could carry everything I needed, that everything was safe and secure, and that the weight was distributed evenly while it was on my back.

If you want your drone to be a part of your everyday life rather than the focal point of your bag’s purpose, the peak design everyday backpack is the perfect option.

Here’s a video that shows you all of the great features of the daily backpack that I adore:

Lykus M1 Best Travel backpack

If you are looking for a fantastic travel backpack, consider this water-resistant multiuse bag. The great thing about this bag is that it can also be changed to fit a multitude of other DJI drones – important if you upgrade.

It has all the space and pockets to carry your drone and the accessories. It can comfortably fit in the main section of the bag:

  • the drone – is held in place with a supporting strap
  • charging hub
  • remote control
  • power adapter
  • spare batteries
  • cables and extra additions.

It has hard and padded dividers that have a soft cushion to protect your drone from the bumps of travel.

The lid can store up to a 9.7 inch iPad or tablet on the outside of the bag, including propellers and other parts that you want to carry.

It has front accessory pockets for plenty of ways to carry and distribute your material.

It has a water-resistant shell that can be used in the rain and worn as a backpack and shoulder bag.

Best Hardcase Backpack

If you are looking for a hardshell backpack dedicated to your drone usage, this backpack will help you carry your drone safely and securely.

It is designed specifically for the Mavic air 2S and has all of the cutouts available for you to place each component of the drone and accessories.

It is made of a high-density polycarbonate shell that can withstand weight being placed on the back. There is a pre-cut inner foam area for protecting everything against jostles and drops.

It is waterproof, and the plastic protects against any scratches during travel.

I think that this backpack is perfect for storage and as a great “grab bag” for ensuring that it is easy to grab your drone and go for an adventure quickly.

The shoulder straps are padded, and the drone’s positioning inside the bag means that you’ll always be balanced and comfortable to wear.

Even though the bag is made of a hard material, there is a multilayered honeycomb mesh elastic foam on the back panel to be comfortable to wear as a backpack.

It has accessory pockets designed with drone accessories such as drone propellers, data cables, and other small items you need to carry with you.

Air 2S backpack buying guide

What characteristics you prioritise will depend on how you intend to use your backpack. It’s unlikely that you’ll discover a bag that perfectly encapsulates all you know, love, and desire in a bag. Still, by prioritising what’s important to you, you can come close with the vast array of available alternatives.

How do you want to use it

Whether you want to use your bag as a professional, hobbyist, or everyday bag you need to prioritise different things.


If you’re going to use your drone backpack for professional purposes, you’ll need something a little tougher than typical. Because you’ll be carrying your drone more than most people, cushioning and protection for your drone and accessories will be a top priority.


If you’re a recreational drone pilot, you’ll generally only need to bring your drone out on weekends or evenings rather than all of the time. In this case, you will be able to acquire a mid-range bag because the zips and fasteners will not be used as frequently as they would be by a professional photographer.

Dust resistance and storage protection will be a top priority for someone who isn’t going to be flying their drone as frequently as others.


The second thing to think about is whether or not you require a large bag. I believed that you should get the largest bag you could afford, so I looked at 30 L bags. However, I’ve realised that having a larger bag means I’m more likely to be carrying items I don’t need.

As a result, I went with a 20 L bag and was extremely pleased with the size. If you need to carry more items than the usual individual, choosing a larger bag isn’t necessarily bad. Having large, bulky luggage can also be less comfortable than having a smaller bag.


When it comes to selecting a bag, versatility is crucial. What happens if you buy a specifically made bag to carry your drone model? It would be inconvenient to buy a new bag for each new drone.

It’s also possible that you won’t want to carry your drone in your luggage. Perhaps you want to carry more camera equipment because you want to utilise it for something other than photography or drones.


It’s critical to have the right quantity of cushioning for the equipment you’ll be carrying. Some bags feature very thin dividers that are vulnerable to knocks and bumps. This isn’t a problem if your equipment comes with its own protective case.

I also like to inspect the bag’s walls and floor, as here is where the majority of the bag’s contact with the environment will occur.

If there isn’t much padding, I’ll adjust the dividers to a small gap between the bag’s exterior edge and my gear.

Weight distribution

When I’m deciding on something, I prefer to glance inside and make sure that all components are fairly dispersed throughout the bag. For example, you may want to store heavier items towards the bottom of the bag, which necessitates additional space.

If your backpack has a lot of dividers, you can determine how they are organised by how your back is laid out. If you’re using a different bag type, ensure there’s adequate room in the bottom for big objects.

Airport friendly

When passing through airports with x-ray machines, you are frequently asked to remove your laptop or other electronic equipment. I prefer a bag that allows me to access my laptop readily, and some manufacturers even include an airport drop-down compartment for storing your laptop.

If you travel with your bag for work frequently, you should also make sure that it can be stowed in the overhead lockers.


The warranty on the goods you’re about to buy is one of the last things you should think about. Many bag manufacturers give no guarantee (beyond what your country’s consumer goods law requires) and ask that you replace the bag if there are any problems.

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