The best DJI Air 2S landing gear [All types explored]

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If you have purchased a DJI Air 2S, you may be considering the accessories to help keep your drone safe. The landing gear is useful for pilots taking off in the grass, sand, and other loose surface areas. It helps keep the propellers away from any potential damage by chipping or collision.

The best landing gear for the Air 2S includes skid, extension and flotation landing gear. Adding landing gear to your drone will keep it away from long grass and loose debris during takeoff and landing.

Several DJI Air 2S landing gear types include skid, extension, and floating landing gear. Here are the best options for each type. They are inexpensive and help keep your DJI Air 2S safe during takeoff and landing.

Some people also choose to use landing gear because it increases the resale value of their drone as the bottom of the drone does not have scratches or chips from coming into contact with hard rocky or abrasive surfaces.

Best skid type

The first type is the skid type of air 2S landing gear. The benefits of using this type of landing gear are that they are typically only one piece (making it easier to keep track of and store), and they are form-fitted to the bottom of the drone. The form-fitted nature means utilising the axillary light as a forward-pointing light.

Tomat Light Guide Mavic Air 2 Landing Gear

The benefits of this particular model are:

  • specifically designed for the Air 2S
  • light guide installed at the bottom, which refocuses the ancillary light.
  • Only weighs 33 g which does not affect the performance of the drone.
  • No tools are needed.
  • The foldable design makes it very easy to carry.

Best extender type

An extender type of landing gear means that you can attach the legs to the individual parts of the drone. The great thing about this is that they typically are much smaller than the skid type and are very light.

One thing I love about the option below is that they can be left on during folding and storage.

SYMIK Retractable Landing Gear Extension

The benefits of this model are:

  • can be left on the drone at all times – a really useful quick flight feature for this drone.
  • 2 inches clearance. This large amount of extra height ensures that the gimbal and camera are well away from any hazards
  • special lock in mechanism keeps feet extended
  • Strong polycarbonate matte black material
  • only weighs 19 g so it will not affect performance of the drone at all.

Floatation landing gear

If you regularly fly over water, you may consider purchasing float landing gear for your DJI Air 2S.

I wouldn’t trust this floatation landing gear on rough water, but it would be the perfect insurance if you were flying above a lake or some other calm body of water.

One of the best ones currently is the Mavic Air 2S Float Landing Gear.

The great thing about this is that it can also keep your drone off the floor. It is lightweight and can also allow you to land on hard surfaces such as sand and grass.

One of the downsides of this type of intervention is that it can interfere with the drone’s wind resistance due to the large buoyant floatation devices. Be careful when using this type of Air 2S landing gear in high winds.

The best alternative to landing gear – Landing pad

A drone landing pad can safeguard your expensive new device and your drone from damage while landing. The majority of drone mishaps and incidents occurred during takeoff and landing.

So, anything that helps make that phase of the flight a little safer is worth the tiny investment.

A landing pad is a circular or square piece of waterproof and durable material that springs into shape around the outer edge using metallic or plastic guidance.

It folds up into a compact case, making it easy to transport to your takeoff location. A landing pad has several advantages, including:

  • being brightly coloured to help you find your landing spot,
  • protecting your motors and camera gimbal from dust and dirt,
  • allowing you to take off on snow, sand, and grass, and, most importantly,
  • protecting your drone during the most dangerous part of your flight – takeoff and landing.

Air 2S landing gear buyers’ guide

If you are in the market for purchasing a landing gear for your Mavic air 2S, here is everything you should consider before purchase so you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse.

Form fitted to drone

the most important thing is that it fits securely to your drone. With the fast-moving propellers, you do not want any loose items that may fall off.

Buying a set of landing gear form-fitted specifically for your drone will ensure that the best fits.

Also, some of the landing gear has other important features that require them to wrap well with other drone components, such as the downward-pointing light or the power button.


ensure that the landing gear provides enough gap between the ground and the camera and propellers. If you are taking off in tall grass you will need a landing gear that is particularly tall.

The further away you can get your camera from the ground the better. The greater distance will ensure that the camera lens remains free of scratches and damage to the gimbal.


adding any third party accessory to your drone can be risky. Make sure that the weight of the landing gears does not create too much extra weight that could severely decrease the amount of flight time that you can achieve.

Choose the lightest landing gear possible for your drone.

Can you leave them on?

Drones come with a load of accessories, and constantly removing them and storing them separately from your drone can increase the risk of breakage and loss. If you are taking off in grass or on loose surfaces regularly consider purchasing a landing gear that you can leave on permanently.


Choose the best material that you can for your drone landing gear. High-quality polycarbonate material is a great option as that is what the drone’s shell is often made from.

If they get scratched or damaged, they are relatively inexpensive to replace, but a strong material will last much longer.

Some other drones’ legs also have a soft plastic on the bottom to help with softer landings which will help protect the sensitive electronics and small motors found in drones, such as those on the gimbal.

The final word

this article has been through everything you need to know about the best air 2S landing gear. You have a variety of options to choose from. Whether you choose skid, extender, or other types depends on the type of surfaces that you are taking off from.

This article has been through everything you need to know to see you don’t get buyer’s remorse when buying landing gear for your drone.

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