Air 2S with RC Pro [Full insider tips]

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The RC pro remote controller features some of the best new technology from DJI. It has a bright screen, multiple connection options, built-in speakers, extended storage capacity, is reliable in a wide temperature range and in more environments, and is compatible with multiple DJI aircraft.

The DJI RC pro is compatible with the Mavic 3 and DJI Air 2S. As long as the remote-control firmware is version v03.01.05.00 or later and the app is version v1.5.8 or later, it will work with these drones.

Fly more bundles often come with the SMART CONTROLLER and not the RC Pro so you’ll have to buy them separately.

You can update the firmware of the DJI RC pro remote controller once the new firmware is released that allows greater connection with a wider variety of drones.

Even though the DJI RC pro remote controller is very expensive, there are some benefits to utilizing this remote controller for piloting your aircraft. This article will go through everything you need about the RC Pro and the Air 2S.

Best places to Buy the Air 2S with RC Pro

Here are the best places to buy the Air 2S with RC pro.

RC Pro controller (separate)AmazonSee deal here
Air 2S (Drone only) – AmazonSee best price
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Does RC Pro work with Air 2S?

The RC pro works perfectly well with the Air 2S. At the time of writing, the supported aircraft models include:

Air 2S with RC Pro
  • DJI Mavic 3
  • DJI Mavic 3 Cine
  • DJI Air 2S

If you have purchased your RC pro with your air 2S in a package deal, the remote controller will likely work straight out of the box. However, if you have purchased the RC pro separately, you must ensure that the firmware is up-to-date. Updating the firmware of your DJI RC pro is very simple, and DJI will continue to support more aircraft in the future.

Please visit the official website for the latest information on compatible drones.

How to update your DJI RC Pro

Updating the firmware of the DJI RC pro is very simple.

If you struggle to connect your remote control to your DJI Air 2S, you may have to update the firmware to form the connection.

These are the steps of updating the software:

  1. Turn on the remote control and activate Wi-Fi
  2. Select the “Profile” button in the bottom of the screen
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “Check for Firmware Updates”
  5. If the “New firmware available” dialogue box appears, click “update.”
  6. Click “Download” and wait for it to download and restart your controller

Here is a video rundown of the process from the helpful photographer if you are more of a visual person.

How to pair the RC pro to the Air 2S

the aircraft and the remote control must be linked before use and there are two methods that you can use to pair the RC pro to the air 2S.

Method 1

  1. Turn on the remote controller and the aircraft
  2. Press the C1, C2, and record buttons simultaneously until the status LED blinks blue and the remote controller beeps
  3. Press and hold the power button of the aircraft for more than four seconds
  4. the aircraft will beep once to indicate it is ready to link. The aircraft beeps twice to indicate that the linking is successful. The battery level LEDs of the remote controller will glow a solid.

The location of the C1 and C2 buttons are shown below:

Location of the C1 and C2 buttons
Location of the C2 and C1 buttons for connecting the Air 2S with RC pro

Method 2

  1. Power on the remote controller and the aircraft
  2. Launch the DJI fly app
  3. In the camera view, tap the three dots and select “control” and “pair to aircraft.”
  4. Press and hold the power button of the aircraft for more than four seconds.
  5. The aircraft will beep once to indicate that it is ready to link. The aircraft beeps twice to indicate that the linking is successful. And the battery level LEDs of the remote controller will glow solid.

For both options, you must ensure that the remote controller is within 0.5 m (1.6 ft) of the aircraft while trying to link. Also, you have to ensure that the remote controller is connected to the Internet if you want to log in using your DJI account.

Benefits of using the RC Pro

The RC pro has many benefits even though it is relatively expensive. As a drone pilot, the remote control is how you interact with the drone during flight. Having a nice flying experience often comes down to having an ergonomic or intuitive experience with the drone’s remote control.

DJI has been able to improve on their past, smart controllers and have made the DJI RC pro something that will make your flight experience much more enjoyable.

Here are all of the reasons I purchased the RC pro and why you should consider buying one too.

No smart device required

One of the biggest issues I have faced in the past with my remote controllers is the compatibility and connectivity of smart devices to the remote control.

Utilising your smart device means that there is another potential issue when you come to fly. Purchasing the DJI RC pro means that you are eliminating one potential failure point of your setup.

Also, you never have to worry about the smart device is compatible with the latest drone app update or remote control firmware.

The flying experience will be much smoother than having to connect and jam your smart device into the rubber pads of a typical drone remote control.

Ultra-bright screen

The ultra-bright screen is integrated into the device. It has a 5.5-inch 1080p high brightness screen with an outdoor mode for viewing in even the brightest settings.

In outdoor mode, the shadow details are enhanced automatically for clear viewing even under direct sunlight.

Here are all of the specs you need to know about this impressive ultrabright screen:

Dimensions5.5 inches
Frame rate60 frames per second
Brightness1000 nits
Touch control10 point multitouch control

4G communication

The remote control has a dongle installed, which means it can operate through 4G signals. Urban areas have always been very noisy, resulting in a lower flight distance. The 4G signals provide stable communication in urban and forest areas.

During the flight, the O3+ video transmission technology system coordinates with the 4G transmission and switches seamlessly to ensure a smooth shooting experience.

Instant start

no more annoying cables running from the remote control to connect to your smart device.

One of the most annoying aspects of flying a drone is set up and ensuring that all cables and connectors are available and connected.

You can fly almost instantly as soon as you turn on your smart device. If there is something that immediately captures your attention and you want to get out in the air as soon as possible, this remote control will allow you to do exactly that.

MicroSD card

The remote control has an internal storage of 32 GB and supports microSD cards used to store photos and videos.

An external SD card makes it much easier to export photos and videos to a computer and share with other creators or pilots.

With much older drones you need to access the data on the drone which can be tricky as the flaps to access the microSD card are not always the easiest to open or access without tools.


This article has been through everything you need to know about the Mavic air 2S with the DJI RC pro remote controller.

As long as the firmware and app version are up-to-date the aircraft will connect to the controller without an issue.

Should you encounter problems, updating the firmware will solve most connection issues. The remote control will also support more drones in the future and this will be released by DJI on their official website.

The Author

Dr Andrew Stapleton is a Drone pilot, Writer and YouTuber with a PhD in science. His drone footage has been featured on TV (ABC Documentary) and he has written and/or produced videos for Science Alert, COSMOS magazine, and Australia's Science Channel among others. He has been a drone pilot for many years and has flown many types of drones.