Best Holy Stone Drones [Feature packed]

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There are just so many drones from Holy Stone that it can be so confusing to navigate all of their drones’ different features. Holy Stone has made a name for itself for distributing its highly feature-packed drones at a low price. They have many beginner, advanced, and premium level drones which means that you will be able to find a drone to fit nearly every budget.

The best holystone drones on the market currently include the HS720G and HS710 4K GPS drones. These drones are feature-packed at an affordable price, perfect for beginner drone flyers.

Holy Stone manufacturing company was founded in 2014 and since then has introduced so many different types of drones, from hobby and children’s drones up to professional level drones.

This article will go over all the different holy stone drones at different prices and feature levels.

Their main distribution point seems to be on, so it can be hard to grasp what drones are currently the best holy stone drones for you to buy.

Here’s what you need to know.

The levels of Holy Stone drones

Holystone drones offer different levels of drones. The levels of drones include many, beginner, advanced, and premium. Here is a quick rundown of each different type of drone that holy stone offers.

Essentially, each of the levels of drones increases in price and features and camera quality.

best holy stone drones


Mini holy stone drones are entry-level drones primarily targeted at children. This level of the drone is considered a toy.

The drones often come with fully enclosed propellers and are very small and light.

They include very easy to use features such as throw and go and one key 3D flips.

As the price of small electronic components decreases, we see more features packed into these mini drones such as a fixed forward-facing camera and much longer flight time.


beginner holystone drones typically have a forward-facing camera with a simple Gimbal. Some drones have high definition cameras whilst others have very simple and low-quality 720p cameras.

At this level of drone, holystone started offering foldable drones for ease of travel, and each battery offers up to 20 minutes of flight time.


Advanced holystone drones start to include GPS features such as altitude hold, follow me, auto return, and other intelligent flight modes that people are used to seeing in much higher drones.

Many of the drones in this series are not foldable and resemble the fixed form structure of the DJI Phantom series.


Premium holystone drones often include a 4K camera and start to combine all of the fun features that we know and love from other brands.

The one thing that is lacking in these drones is the Gimbal technology. Some drones have a two-axis Gimbal that allows for the mediation of certain drone movements. A software and anti-shake algorithm provide extra stabilisation.

In the premium range of drones, you can also expect the same features as lower and less expensive models, such as 4K cameras and a flight time of up to 46 minutes with two batteries.

Best Mini holy stone drones

Here is the best mini holy stone drone for your children. Or for anyone who wants to dip their toes into the drone flying world at a very affordable price.

Mini drone with camera – HS420

The holy stone HS420 mini fly cam is fantastic for children and great for indoor fun.

It has a very small size and permanent guards over the propellers which means that there is no danger of the drone crashing if it bumps into walls or ceilings.

This is a mini drone with a 720p camera and the ability to tilt the camera at 90°. Really fantastic for such a small drone.

It has a flight distance of up to 100 m and a flight height of 30 m. It allows children to take a selfie easily with a simple hand gesture and does not require any advanced training or instruction.

Your child can simply throw it up in the air to launch and the drone can automatically hold its altitude.

You can also access some pretty advanced features such as waypoints where the drone will automatically fly in the path that is preset on the app and the drone can also circle flying around a target.

A fun feature of this drone is that you can do a 3D flip at the push of a button.

It comes with three rechargeable batteries so you can be charging to while you are flying your drone. Never be caught out with no battery for flying.

Best Beginner holy stone drone

The best beginner holystone drone is the HS440.

Beginner foldable camera drone – HS440

This drone comes with remote control and carry case and folds down so that you can have fun anywhere.

It is conveniently carried in a case and can easily handle outdoor activities.

The first person view camera comes at a 1080p resolution and can be tilted 90° to point down.

It has a 100 m maximum distance for video transmission, perfect for beginners. It would help if you always keep your drone in line of sight anyway.

It has a circle fly, high-speed rotation and speed modes to get used to flying with your drone.

With one key takeoff and landing, headless mode, and emergency stop, this drone is perfect for beginner pilots and allows you to get the drone in the air as quickly as possible.

The 2 x 20-minute batteries enable up to 40 minutes of flight time, which is important for maximising your drone use while you are out and about.

Best Advanced Holy Stone drone

The advanced level of holy stone drones is when you can start to see many of the advanced flying features that drone pilots come to love and rely on in their drones.


the holystone HS100 is a large and wind-resistant drone with powerful motors to keep your drone hovering in strong winds. It comes with headless mode, altitude hold, and one key takeoff and landing for beginners to fly safely.

The camera is a 2K camera with a 120° field of view. It has a 90° adjustable angle and captures high-quality video and aerial photos.

The drone can stream a high-quality real-time view straight to your remote control, and the 5 GHz Wi-Fi enables clearer image transmission of that data.

The drone is easy to set up and carry with its fixed body and collapsible propellers. All you have to do is install the camera and landing gear is to start your flight.

It has up to 18 minutes of battery time and has LED lights on the battery so that you can easily tell how to charge your battery is.

Best Premium Holy Stone drones

The premium holystone drones are the best option for you, given their advanced flight features and affordable price that still packs a load of popular drone features.

Holy Stone HS710

This drone is an upper midrange portable drone capable of 4K ultrahigh-resolution picture quality.

It can achieve four times clearer photos than the other 1080p video see you can zoom in in postproduction.

The dual location and optical flow positioning systems keep the drone in an extremely stable hover in indoor and outdoor settings.

It is a drone with one key return to home and an emergency stop feature, which means that you can be sure that you will not lose the drone. Perfect for beginners.

This drone has got:

  • tap to fly
  • follow me mode
  • point of interest circling
  • headless mode

it comes with a cool carrying case which means that your drone will be ready to fly and travel with you wherever you go.

HS720G 4K Drone with 2 Axis Gimbal

This drone is a GPS enabled drone with a 4K camera and two-axis gimbal. The drone is suitable for adults, and the electronic image stabilisation means that the two-axis gimbal is perfect for capturing stable photos and video.

The 4K 30 frames per second camera make the video clear and smooth.

With a flight time of 26 minutes per battery, you are in the air for plenty of time to frame and capture your shots.

The camera can pivot from facing forward to downwards. Arguably, this is the downside of these types of drones because you cannot move the camera from side to side independently.

the drone comes with a range of flight features such as:

  • follow me
  • point of interest
  • tap to fly
  • headless mode
  • and digital zoom.

The drone is packaged up into a handy carry case which includes a spare battery and remote control.

Holy Stone drone buyers guide

Purchasing a holy stone drone can be confusing if you don’t keep up-to-date with their naming system. These drones are typically released and named with numbers and letters. It is not very often that the name gives you a true insight into the features you are purchasing.

Who is it for?

The first question you need to ask yourself when considering perching a holy stone drone is who is it for. They offer a range of different levels of drones, from children to adults.


For children you can choose a drone with a camera or a drone that is flown simply for fun.

These drones are typically very hardy and are able to withstand many light crashes.

These drones come in three levels which include simply flying, drone with a camera, and throw to go drones. Each of the models is discussed in the table below.

Simply flyingThese drones are mini size designed for children to enjoy drone flying. They often have different fun preprogrammed actions such as 360° roll over and throw to fly.HS210 HS190 HS170
Drone with a cameraIf your children would like a drone with a camera so they can take aerial shots, these are the robust and affordable drones they can useHS420 HS340
Throw and go dronesThese drones are perfect for people who want to throw their drone in the air and be able to operate them with their hand signalsHS330 HS450


Holy Stone provides a range of drones for teenagers. These are typically drones with a camera and GPS features to make the auto halter and stabilisation features intuitive for new pilots looking for advanced features.

Holy Stone offers a range of foldable and non-affordable drones with cameras for teenagers.

In this level of drone, you are starting to see advanced features such as 4K cameras combined with GPS options.

Some of the best drones available at this level include:

  • HS710 – this drone has a 4K camera and an array of intelligent flight features such as return to home, follow me, and up to 50 minutes flight time with interchangeable batteries.
  • HS510 – this is an ultralight drone with a 4K camera fitted with anti-shake software (in place of a three-axis Gimbal). It has returned home, follow me mode, and to batteries allowing for 32 minutes of flight time.

Holy stone drone for adults

Holy Stone has recently created some incredible drones that are very much along the same feature set as more popular brands such as DJI.

As the price of the drone increases you get much more bang for your buck.

The best holy stone drone for adults include:

  • HS720E – this is a professional GPS drone with 4K camera and anti-shake technology. It has GPS and a total flight time of 46 minutes.
  • HS720 – this drone is an ultrahigh definition 4K camera drone with a total flight time of 26 minutes. The remote control provides a long control range at a great price point.
  • HS710 – this drone has a 4K camera and an array of intelligent flight features such as return to home, follow me, and up to 50 minutes flight time with interchangeable batteries.

Camera or no camera

Some people want to fly their drones for fun without worrying about capturing footage. Children and teenagers may want to fly the drone indoors and create racetracks. For those purposes, you do not need a camera.

However, for those who want to capture aspects of that flight, Holy Stone offers a range of cameras – up to 4K resolution.

Their camera range includes cameras with and without gimbals, although none have true three-axis stabilisation and often rely on anti-shake software for image stabilisation.

Camera quality

Nowadays camera quality in drones is incredibly affordable. Even the cheapest of drones in the holy stone range has the capability of capturing 720p to 4K quality footage.

If you are using your drone for professional purposes you should not go any less than a 4K camera which gives you the flexibility of postproduction and the ability to zoom and crop.

Gimbal or no gimbal

Holy Stone drones often only have a two-axis Gimbal.

A two-axis gimbal can stabilise drone movements such as forwards and backwards movement and side-to-side movement by dipping either the left or right side propellers.

A two-axis gimbal can compensate for movements in the roll and pitch direction of movement only. A three-axis gimbal can smooth out all motion – including the yaw motion of the drone.

As you’ve seen, the two-axis gimbal isn’t especially great at stabilising side-to-side movements. This action, which is analogous to turning your head from left to right, cannot be stabilised by a two-axis gimbal.

If you want a full three-axis gimbal, you will have to pay more money and look at DJI and other premium drone manufacturers for fully stabilised drone footage.

If you want to know the best cheap drones with gimbals, check out my other article.

Best Cheap Drones With Gimbals


Foldable drones have numerous advantages, ranging from their tiny size to their ease of repair. Foldable drones are available in various sizes and pricing points to fit any need or budget.

The benefits of a foldable form factor include:

  • the smaller form factor for carrying your drone everywhere with you
  • great for travelling
  • easier to repair arms
  • can be found at any price point

Even though foldable drones are very common and there are benefits, the downside is that there is added wear and tear on moving parts of the drone, and it can act as a high leverage point upon crashing, which can concentrate the energy of the crash to the joint.

GPS stabilisation

If you want GPS stabilised features and features that require the drone to know its position in space, you need to purchase a drone with GPS capabilities.

I would not buy a drone without GPS stabilisation as it has extra safety features, such as return to home and auto-hover.

Taking your hands off the remote control and stopping flying at any moment, and knowing that the drone will fly safely and securely in place is a fantastic failsafe and fallback should you become worried or panicked throughout your flight.


In this article, we have been over everything you need to know about the best holy Stone drone for a range of drone pilots.

Holy Stone offers a lovely range of beginner and intermediate drones that are budget-friendly and capable of giving you the experience of drone flying at a very affordable price range.

We are likely to see Holy Stone offer more advanced flying features as the price of small electronic components comes down.

A fantastic company helping beginners fly drones with confidence. If you have a limited budget but still want some of the drone features that other premium drone brands have holy Stone drones may be perfect for you.

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Dr Andrew Stapleton is a Drone pilot, Writer and YouTuber with a PhD in science. His drone footage has been featured on TV (ABC Documentary) and he has written and/or produced videos for Science Alert, COSMOS magazine, and Australia's Science Channel among others. He has been a drone pilot for many years and has flown many types of drones.