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The Ultimate List of Drone Tips [30 must-know tips]

Owning and drone, or considering buying a drone is an exciting thing! There re so many skills and things that need to come together that it can be hard to keep track of them all! Preflight checks, maintenance, flying techniques and buying accessories can all build up to a mountain of knowledge! Here I am going to share with you all the ultimate list of drone tips that you must know if you own a drone or you are considering buying a drone!

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best drone under $500

Best drones under $500 [2021 products and pricings]

The great news about drones these days is that you can pick up some absolute killer drones for less than $500. These drones are classed, by some, as mid-range drones. Although they may be small and inexpensive they are certainly not mid-range when it comes to the features that they come with. Manufacturers are able to balance the needs of the user with the cost of parts so that you get a drone that does what you need it to do at a fraction of the price of the latest, high-end, drones.

Here we’ll look at the best drones under $500 and give an overview of the ones that are best for beginners, photographers, racing and kids! All at a bargain price!

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best drone for photography

Best drone for photography 2021

It can be hard to choose the right drone for getting the best shots. There are so many different drones on the market that there is bound to be a bit of confusion when comparing the features of the cameras and the drones while balancing your bugdet. Here we will discus what makes the for the best drone for photography and the other options if you are a beginner or need to find something with your bugdet.

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Drone photography ideas – 20 ideas to LEVEL UP your drone shots!

The amount of potential that a drone delivers to your creative expression is unparalleled. The ability to see the world from a viewpoint once reserved for birds strikes awe into the most cynical of people. With all of this potential there’s one thing that regularly holds us back – our own imagination. That’s why I’ve put together these 20 ideas for drone photography that you can use to spark your own little bit of creativity! Here are 20 drone photography ideas to help!

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Drones that can carry things – everything you need to know

Sending a drone into the sky is an exciting activity. Many times I have sent my drone up just because I wanted to get some flying time in! But drones can be used for so much more than fun! As the price of advanced drone technology goes down and scientists and engineers push the limits of what is possible with tiny motors – well see more and more drones that are able to lift heavier and heavier things. Here, let’s look at drones that can carry things and what the future looks like for them.

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Drone photography editing software – 7 FREE and PAID options!

Capturing the world from a great height is such a cool and rewarding experience. But showing how awesome the natural world is sometimes needs a little touch up – not because the photo’s subject isn’t awesome but rather that the lens and camera of the drone captures things a little differently from your eye! There could be artifacts like haze, low contrast and light flares that mean the raw photo just doesn’t do what you saw justice! That’s where getting to know some simple and easy to use photo editing software will be your friend! Here’s a list of the most popular drone photography editing software to bring out the natural beauty of the photos!

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are drones worth it

Are drones worth it? 10 points to consider before buying!

Are you thinking of buying a drone? There’s a load of questions of why a drone is so very worth the investment AND so many reasons why a drone is NOT worth it at all! It all depends on why you are buying a drone and making sure you buy a drone that matches HOW you are going to use it! Are drones worth it? Well, it depends…

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Drone video file size – everything you need to know!

Capturing drone footage can be a pretty data-intensive process. From 4K videos and beautiful long time-lapse shots – not to mention the hundreds of photos you could end up taking – the storage of data has never been such a valuable resource. Here I want to share with you everything you need to know about drone video file size and the things you need to be aware of! I have REAL results from my experiment with one of my favorite drones – the DJI Mavic AIR…

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Why are my drone photos blurry? 7 simple checks

There’s nothing more frustrating than charging the batteries doing the pre-takeoff checks and then discovering that you can’t take clear images! So what can you do if your drone photos turn out blurry? Here are 7 simple checks that you should make before contacting the manufacturer.

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