my drone is stuck on the roof

My drone is stuck on the roof! Safe and not so safe things to try.

One of the worst things that any drone owner will have to deal with – a drone stuck on your (or another person’s) roof! There are a number of things that you can try but the first and most important thing is – don’t do anything STUPID! Don’t put yourself or anyone else’s safety at risk! In the US there are 500,000 falls from ladders annually; 97 percent occur at home or on farms. It’s simply not worth it – no matter how expensive your drone it!

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why does my drone wobble

Why does my drone wobble? Simple checks and tuning

It can be super frustrating when you spend ages building or calibrating your drone or quadcopter only to have it be super wobbly as soon as it takes off. Fear, not the wobbles are almost always fixable and here we will run through all of the things that you can do to keep it flying stable and true. Here are the simple checks and tunings for “why does my drone wobble”.

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Why are my drone photos blurry - header

Why are my drone photos blurry? 7 simple checks

There’s nothing more frustrating than charging the batteries doing the pre-takeoff checks and then discovering that you can’t take clear images! So what can you do if your drone photos turn out blurry? Here are 7 simple checks that you should make before contacting the manufacturer.

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Why does my drone fly backwards? 7 part checklist!

Nothing beats the excitement of hearing your drone’s propellers and motors spool up. And nothing beats the disappointment of when your drone starts drifting as soon as it takes off. Here are seven reasons why your drone is not staying in one location and holding its position. You’ll get to know exactly what is important when asking the question “Why does my drone fly backwards?”

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