8 Awesome DJI Air 2S Upgrades you need right now!

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DJI has created an incredible drone with the Air 2S. If you want to personalise your drone, there are various upgrades that you can apply to your DJI Air 2S.

The best DJI Air 2S upgrades you can make to your drone are quite propellers, details, landing gears, wetsuits and rescue jackets, sky clips, and ensuring that your firmware is upgraded to the latest version.

Here are all the awesome DJI air 2S upgrades you can make to your drone. Some people upgrade the drone after owning it for a little bit and want to expand its capabilities or minimise some annoying aspects of their drone.

One of the most upgradable components of the DJI Air 2S are the propellers

1. Propellers

Propellers cut through the air at an incredible rate. Their speed creates a buzzing and humming that can sound like bees or a low rumble.

Flying a drone is incredibly loud.

However, there are plenty of aftermarket propellers that you can purchase to ensure that your drone stays as quiet as possible. Also, you can purchase carbon fibre-based propellers (which will protect your propeller should it come into contact with any overhanging branches). They also come in bright colours if you want to customise your drone and make it easier to spot.

Low noise

By using different form factors and surface treatments, the noise of the propellers can be minimised.

These propellers have higher aerodynamic efficiency, resulting in lower noise, lower power consumption, and improved battery life for your DJI Air 2S.

People have noticed that the propellers also reduce in a lower prop wine because of the improved efficiency of cutting through the air.

You can also opt for carbon fibre propellers for enhanced stability and strength if you want stronger propellers.

Carbon fibre

These carbon fibre propellers for the air 2S have been designed to reduce the drone flight noise by approximately four dB. The noise is reduced by approximately 65%, as quoted by the manufacturer.

They are easy to carry and fold up, which means that you can use a strap to keep them close to the drone when your drone is in transit.

They are as easy to install on your drone as the original blades, and the extra-strength carbon fibre construction will make your drone propellers much more durable.

Bright colours

Lastly, you may opt for brighter propellers that improve the efficiency of cutting through the air and are also very bright, which will help you see your drone against the backdrop of the sky. Bright colours can provide a contrast making your drone much easier to spot.

These propellers not only offer a longer flight time because of the smooth surface and lightweight material, but they also have a low noise operation.

There is about a two dB difference in noise reduction, up to 37% of the overall sound.

These propellers offer a low-weight option for your propeller choice. They are 7% lighter than the ones that originally came with the drone and offer a noticeable flight improvement in sport mode and high-altitude flying.

2. Decals

When you own a drone, it is fun to personalise it so that it represents you as an owner. There are plenty of decals on the market, and there are some very colourful ones online.

Make sure you get a decal specifically for the Air 2S and be careful you do not purchase ones for the Mavic Air 2.

Look for decals that you can remove easily if you want to resell your drone and that are made from a high-quality material that will withstand flying conditions. Look for long-lasting, waterproof, anti-scratch, dustproof, and ultraviolet-resistant decals.

3. Landing gear

Pilots taking off grass, sand, or other loose surfaces will benefit from the landing gear. It protects the propellers from any possible chipping or collision damage.

Skid, extension, and float landing gear are the finest options for the Air 2S. Adding landing gear to your drone helps keep it safe during takeoff and landing from long grass and loose debris.

Landing gear options for the DJI Air 2S include skid, extension, and floating landing gear. The top solutions for each kind are shown below. They’re cheap and help protect your DJI Air 2S during takeoff and landing.

Best skid typeTomat Light Guide Mavic Air 2 Landing Gearspecifically designed for the Air 2S
guide installed at the bottom, which refocuses the ancillary light.
Only weighs 33 g which does not affect the performance of the drone.
No tools are needed.
The foldable design makes it very easy to carry.
Best extender typeSYMIK Retractable Landing Gear Extensioncan be left on the drone at all times – a really useful quick flight feature for this drone.
2 inches clearance. This large amount of extra height ensures that the gimbal and camera are well away from any hazards
special lock-in mechanism keeps feet extended
Strong polycarbonate matte black material
only weighs 19 g so it will not affect the performance of the drone at all.
Floatation landing gearMavic Air 2S Float Landing GearCan keep your drone out of the water
It can be used on the uneven ground too
Light weight protection

4. Bags and transport

Drone ownership necessitates transporting your DJI Air 2S securely and safely to your takeoff spot.

I want every drone I own to be able to be safely kept and transported without fear of the drone being harmed while in transit.

Here are the best DJI air 2S backpacks on the market right now that will keep your drone safe while in transportation.

DJI Air 2S backpack
Best Everyday BackpackPeak Design Everyday Backpack
Best Hardcase BackpackDronside Hard backpack
Best Travel backpackLykus M1

Getting a backpack that firmly wraps around the drone’s shape is critical. For transport, several DJI drones may be folded into smaller sizes. It must create a close-fitting and padded hole for the drone to safely nestle in, regardless of how little it can be folded.

5.  Wetsuit

A wetsuit for your drone can be purchased for really wet flying circumstances. In addition, the DJI Air 2S can be flown in the rain with the wetsuit installed.

This company produces weatherproofing aftermarket modifications for a range of recent drone models. Three battery covers and three power button seals are included in the wetsuit, each in a different colour scheme.

What a wetsuit can accomplish for your DJI Air 2S is seen below.

6. Rescue Jacket

A rescue jacket allows you to land on the water and fly in many harsh conditions. You can fly in up to 20 mile an hour winds and the rescue jacket also allows you to maintain a long distance of visual line of sight.

The neoprene rescue jacket addition to the DJI Air 2S is certainly an upgrade that will make you fly with much more confidence in stormy conditions. Most people would not even consider taking the drone out for a flight in some of the conditions that these rescue jackets can protect your drone from.

7. Sky Clip

One of the best additions I bought for my drone was a payload dropper for drone fishing.

It is one of the best upgrades you can make to your drone as it increases its usefulness and makes for a fun fishing adventure. You can go after large game species from the shore.

You must carefully release the bait and tackle over the ocean once you have opted to utilise your DJI air 2S for drone fishing.

A customised payload attachment specifically for the DJI Air 2S is the easiest way to carry your bait over the ocean and drop it.

I purchased a sky clip for my DJI Mavic Air 2S, and it is an incredible mechanical release system that is reliable and affordable for your drone. I love that it doesn’t take up too much space and is very easy to connect to your drone.

Sky Clip

The sky clip is a very small, lightweight, self-contained smart device for drone fishing. It is a durable bait release system designed specifically for the DJI air 2S.

It has a mechanical release system, which means it drops the bait as soon as the reel jams. It doesn’t have any sensors or batteries, so it can withstand the rigours of fishing with your drone. Nothing is more frustrating than electronics failing and ruining your fishing expedition.

This release method benefits greatly from keeping things simple.

For more about using the DJI air 2S as a fishing drone check out my other article – click here.

Using the DJI Air 2S for fishing [Bait droppers and tips]

8. Firmware upgrade

One of the best free upgrades that you can give to your drone is a firmware update.

Repeated firmware updates may be annoying, but they allow you to ensure that your drone is bug-free and as secure as possible.

You can typically install the new firmware by connecting your drone to your computer or Mac and using the DJI assistant two. An easier option is to upgrade it directly through the DJI flight app. Once your drone has powered on, and the alert appears, tap into the firmware page and hit upgrade.

The final word

This article has covered everything you need to know about the seven awesome DJI air 2S upgrades that are worth the hassle.

I recommend not upgrading your drone until you have owned it for a while so that you know exactly what you want to do with the upgrade. We often get bored with a drone and want to upgrade its use or features. Wait until that moment before looking for upgrades that you do not need.

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