DJI Battery Red Light – What Does It Mean?

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Using A DJI drone can change the way your aerial shots look. However, this game-changing technology can also run into issues every now and then. For example, many users have been complaining about seeing a red light on their DJI battery. What does that indicate?

The DJI battery red light usually indicates that there is a problem with the battery. In most cases, it means that the battery is not charged properly. This can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • The charging port on the drone is damaged
  • The charging port on the battery is damaged
  • There is something wrong with the charging cable
  • The battery is defective

Are you looking to fix an issue with your DJI battery red light? In that case, we have all the answers you are on the lookout for! This troubleshooting guide will cover all the areas you need to address to get your DJI battery working back to normal!

What Does A DJI Battery Red Light Indicate?

As we have mentioned before, a red light on your DJI battery usually indicates that there is an issue with charging the battery. In some cases, it might also show that the battery is not compatible with the charger you are using. 

However, the most common reason for this light to appear is when the charging port on either the drone or the battery is damaged. Ultimately, whenever your DJI drone’s battery starts showing a red light, it means that there is an error in the way it is being charged. 

Luckily, if you use a troubleshooting guide, you can get to the bottom of the issue at hand. To make things easy, we have given you an exhaustive list of steps you can carry out to understand what the underlying issue is, and how to solve it. Treat each step like a troubleshooting guide, and if all is well in that section, move on to the next one. 

Damage To The Drone Charging Port

One of the most common ways you can see a red light on the DJI battery is if charging is not possible because of the charging port on the drone. The best way to be sure if this is the issue is to check the following things: 

  • Check if the charging port is blocked by any dirt or debris. If it is, then clean it with a can of compressed air. 
  • Check if the charging port is bent or damaged in any way. If it is, you will need to get it replaced by a professional. 

Once you have checked and ruled out the possibility of the charging port being blocked or damaged, you can try to charge the battery again. If the problem persists, move on to the next step. 

Damage To The Battery Charging Port

Just like the charging port on the drone can get damaged, so can the one on the battery. This usually happens when you try to charge the battery with a charger that is not meant for it. Check the charging port for dirt or damage similar to the step above. You can also try connecting it to another battery to see if the battery or the port is the issue.  If the charging port seems fine, move on to the next step. 

Cable Or Charger Issues

Another common reason your DJI battery might show a red light is if there is some problem with the charger or the cable you are using to charge it. If you are sure that the issue is not with the charging ports, then check the following: 

  • Make sure that the cable you are using is not damaged in any way. If it is, replace it with a new one. 
  • Check if the charger you are using is compatible with the battery. If it isn’t, then get a new charger that is compatible and recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • Ensure that the charging cable is connected to the charger correctly. 
  • Try using a different power outlet to see if that makes any difference. 

If you have tried all of these things and the red light on your battery persists, then it is most likely due to a defective battery. 

Defective Battery

In some cases, the reason your DJI battery might be showing a red light is that it is defective. This usually happens when the battery has been used for a long time and needs to be replaced. If you think this might be the case, then check the following:  

  • See if the voltage of the battery is within the ideal range. If it isn’t, then it needs to be replaced.  
  • Check for any physical damage to the battery. If there is any, then it needs to be replaced as well. 

If you have followed all these steps and the red light on your DJI battery persists, then we recommend that you take it to a professional for help. They will be able to diagnose and solve the problem quickly!

How To Keep Your DJI Battery Safe

Now that we know how to diagnose issues when you see a red light on your DJI battery, it is also important to look at the many ways you can prevent issues and keep your battery safe. DJI batteries are lithium-ion batteries that have specifications that make them ideal for long-term use. Here is a table explaining the many specifications of a lithium-ion battery:

Charging cycles per battery500-1000
Average charging time2-4 hours
Percentage self-discharge at 25 °CLess than 5%
Risk of toxicity from the battery Extremely low

A look at the specifications of average lithium-ion batteries

Here are some recommendations you should follow when it comes to your battery.

  • Do not expose your battery to extreme temperatures. Keeping your battery too cold or too hot can shorten its lifespan and affect its performance.
  • Do not store your battery in a discharged state. This can lead to the “memory effect,” where the battery “forgets” how to hold a full charge.
  • Avoid letting your battery discharge completely. This can damage the cells and make them difficult to recharge.
  • Never overcharge your battery. Allow it to cool down after each use and never leave it plugged in for extended periods of time.
  • Inspect your batteries regularly for signs of wear or damage, such as cracks, swelling, or leaks. If you notice any of these issues, discontinue use and replace the battery.

Following these simple tips will help you keep your DJI battery safe and prolong its lifespan.

Wrapping up

We hope this article has helped you understand what to do when you see a red light on your DJI battery. Remember to follow the steps we outlined above to diagnose and solve the problem quickly. Also, be sure to take precautions to keep your battery safe and in good condition. Thanks for reading!

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