Everything You Need To Know About the DJI Battery Warranty

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If your DJI drone battery stops working, it’s comforting to know that you can count on the company’s battery warranty. However, warranties do not cover every type of damage and usually have multiple limitations. 

DJI’s battery warranty covers batteries for 12 months or 200 charge cycles. Provided you’ve not done anything to void the warranty, DJI will get your battery working again for free. The company offers a limited warranty—even with correct usage, they don’t cover all types of damages. 

Read on to see when to expect DJI to repair or replace your battery under their warranty. I’ll also discuss other aspects of the warranty, including its limitations. 

How Long Does DJI’s Battery Warranty Last? 

DJI’s battery warranty lasts 12 months or 200 charge cycles, whichever comes first. Charge cycles are the number of times you have charged and discharged the battery. The warranty is invalid if the charge cycles are more than 200, even if it’s been less than 12 months since you bought the battery. 

DJIs battery warranty

To determine whether DJI’s warranty still covers your battery, look at the date on the invoice they gave you when they delivered the battery. You can calculate The number of months from that date. 

You must have that invoice to receive any warranty services from DJI. They will ask for it as proof of purchase. 

DJI will calculate the warranty period differently if you don’t have the invoice and can’t provide valid proof of purchase. The official start of the warranty period is ninety days after they shipped the battery

Before 2021, DJI offered a six-month warranty for its batteries. In 2021, the battery warranty period increased from six months to twelve months. 

The DJI app will show how often you have charged a battery (the number of charge cycles). Even if the warranty period of twelve months has not elapsed, if the number of charge cycles is more than two hundred, you are not entitled to free repair or replacement under DJI’s warranty terms

What Invalidates the DJI Battery Warranty?

Like most other companies, DJI offers a limited warranty for its batteries. This limitation means that, in some cases, when your battery ceases to function normally, DJI won’t repair or replace it for free. 

To start with, DJI will only repair or replace your battery under warranty if you have used it according to their recommendations. DJI makes these recommendations in the following places: 

  • The user manual that comes with the product
  • In-app notifications in the DJI app 
  • Service communications 
  • Safety guidelines 

For example, you should only charge a DJI battery using an official DJI charger. If you use a third-party charger, you have voided your warranty. 

Below is a list of additional actions that will void your warranty: 

  • Disassembling or modifying the battery without DJI’s authorization 
  • Seeking services (such as repair) from unauthorized service providers 
  • Exposing your battery to water. DJI drones have internal moisture indicators that DJI can use to deny a warranty claim 
  • Altering identification labels 
  • Using any third-party products

What Happens When You Claim Warranty Services? 

After you notice that your DJI drone battery is not working as it should, your first step should be to check whether you qualify for warranty services. 

You qualify for free repair or replacement if the warranty is still valid in terms of period and charge cycles. Additionally, you must not have done anything to void the warranty. 

If you qualify, contact DJI. You can do so through their website. 

Once you contact an agent, they will analyze your issue to see whether they can resolve the problem remotely

Sometimes, a problem with a DJI battery can be related to a missed software update. Other times, the agent might give you a solution you can implement yourself. 

If the problem cannot be dealt with remotely or if it’s unclear what the issue is, DJI will direct you to send your battery to them

It should take less than seven days for DJI to repair your battery. DJI has a repair progress page that you can use to track the progress of your battery’s repair. 

How Your Location Affects Warranty Services

The country you are from determines the terms of your warranty services. 

In addition to its general warranty policy (which applies to the US), DJI provides additional terms for consumers in New Zealand, Australia, and the European Economic Area (EEA). 

For example, the EEA covers consumers against significant inconveniences and unreasonable time frames in the provision of after-sales services. 

Additionally, some warranty limitations in the United States may not apply to you, depending on your state. 

It is also important to note that warranty services are only available in the respective DJI service region where you purchased your product. 

The Difference Between DJI Warranty and DJI Care

Knowing that a warranty covers a product gives you peace of mind. But as I’ve shown, warranties are limited. 

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A warranty kicks in when a product fails to meet the expected quality. If DJI says your battery should charge and fails to charge, that is on them. Their warranty obliges them to repair or replace your battery. 

But if you accidentally splash water on your battery and ruin it, that is on you. DJI is not obligated to replace or repair your battery. If they do, it will be at the standard cost, not for free. 

This warranty leaves much to be desired, especially if you haven’t been dealing with drones for a long time. As a newbie, it’s easy to accidentally fly your drone into a tree or experience a similar accident. Your warranty won’t cover it. 

That’s where DJI Care comes in. It covers damage that your warranty doesn’t cover, including: 

  • Water damage
  • Signal interference
  • Damage due to user error
  • Collisions

DJI Care covers batteries for the following drones: 

  • DJI Spark
  • DJI Mavic
  • DJI Osmo Action

DJI Care comes with additional costs, which differ according to the item you want to insure. You typically buy a one-year plan. Additionally, each product replacement or repair comes with a fee. The cost is significantly lower than replacing or repairing without DJI care. 

Wrapping Up

A DJI battery warranty guarantees that your battery will work as it should, at least for the first twelve months or two hundred charge cycles. 

It is not a safeguard against all damage to your drone—the warranty has numerous limitations. 

That said, a warranty does come in handy when your battery fails to work as expected. If you’ve not done anything to void the warranty, DJI will repair or replace the battery for free. 

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