The Best DJI FPV Phone Mounts [Escape Goggles]

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The DJI FPV drone is a step into the first-person view drone arena for DJI. They have produced an incredible drone that can rip through the sky at high speeds and with high manoeuvrability. The drone comes with FPV goggles and remote control. To fly the drone, you need to utilise the goggles, but you can also view the flight data using a phone.

The best DJI FPV phone mounts include the LifThor Loki Phone Holder and 3D Innovators Phone Holder Mount. These allow you to minimise eyestrain from using the goggles and for others to view your flight in real-time.

You can connect your smart device through a USB-C port using the goggles. You can then use your smart device as a monitor, but it will not show the on-screen display data such as velocity, altitude, or other information. It will just be the view from the camera.

If you want to fly a drone without using goggles, plenty of other camera drones in the DJI range are better suited to photographers who do not want to wear goggles and need to maintain a visual line of sight.

The DJI FPV drone is specifically designed for first-person-view flying, which is why the goggles are an important part of the accessories and flying of the drone.

Here are the best smart device holders for DJI FPV drone remote controls so that you can mirror the camera feed sent to the goggles.

Best smart device holders for DJI FPV

placing a smart device on your DJI FPV remote means purchasing a third-party adapter. Because the drone is designed to be flown with goggles, DJI does not offer an adapter for smart devices.

However there are a couple of fantastic options on the market.

LifThor Loki Phone and Tablet Holder$78.00More information
Hanatora 4.7- 12.9 Inch Tablet Holder Mount Bracket$33.99More information
3D Innovators Phone Holder Mount$32.99More information

LifThor Loki Phone and Tablet Holder

One of the best smart device holders for the DJI FPV remote control is the LifThor Loki Phone and Tablet Holder

this holder can hold tablet and smart devices securely to your remote control. It is specifically designed for the FPV drone remote control which means that you will be able to access all of the features and buttons whilst the clip is attached.

It has strong metallic components that will hold the smart device securely.

Hanatora 4.7- 12.9 Inch Tablet Holder Mount Bracket

If you want to hold your tablet or large phone on your FPV drone remote control this is one of the best options for you.

This tablet holder is specifically designed to fit securely around the remote control and supports most 4.7 to 12.9-inch tablets. It will not fit 4 inch phones or less than 124 mm in length.

The holder can support a weight of up to 640 g and is positioned in a way that allows you to naturally hold the remote control.

You also get all the cables you need to connect your FPV goggles to the smart device.

3D Innovators Phone Holder Mount

This phone Holder Mount is one of the quickest to place on the remote control. It just snaps on, and no tools are involved – there are no screws or parts to drill together.

It is a very well-designed item and comes in different colour thumbscrews so that you get a little style with this holder.

It fits most phones and goes as small as 5.8 cm and as large as 9.5 cm. It is compatible with a large range of modern-day phones.

It is small and very tough, so it will last being chucked into a bag for your next adventure.

Why you may want to use your phone with DJI FPV

You may want to use your phone with your DJI FPV drone for various reasons. It is important to remember that it does not provide you with the on-screen display information that comes through the goggles. All you get to see is the front-facing camera’s live video stream.

Eye strain

One of the biggest reasons that people want to use a smart device with their FPV drone is because of eyestrain.

The goggles can cause eyestrain because of the proximity of the screens to the eyes.

If you have not adjusted the interpupillary distance, it can cause you to see a blurry image. To use the goggles correctly, you must use the sliders at the bottom to move the lenses until the images are properly aligned. This distance will be different for different people and therefore changed and adjusted for each new pilot.

Adjusting the DJI FPV interpupillary distance

Luckily, the sliders are found at the bottom of the goggles and are very easy to use and adjust for each person.

For others to see your flight

Many jurisdictions require you to maintain a visual line of sight with the drone. Wearing goggles is in direct conflict with that rule and legislation.

Sometimes, you can get around this rule by having a visual spotter who is also responsible for keeping a direct line of sight to the drone.

It is important that the other person can see your drone’s first person view as it will allow them to understand what direction the drone is pointing and give a better idea of where the drone is situated in relation to other things in the environment.

Putting a smart device on the top of the remote control is a perfect way of keeping the spotter up-to-date with what the drone is doing and helping them do their job better.

Fly legally without a spotter

If you are on your own and want to fly your drone, you can decide to not use the goggles to satisfy any usual line of sight regulations in your country.

Here is someone using a direct line of sight for their DJI FPV drone.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about flying the DJI FPV drone without the remote control.

Can you fly DJI FPV without goggles?

Yes, you can fly the DJI FPV drone without goggles. All you have to do is bind the FPV controller to the drone, and you are all set to fly.

The issue is that you do not get the associated flight data with the on-screen display sent to your smart device.

Using your DJI FPV drone without goggles means missing out on some of the most important features and fun of flying an FPV drone.

If you do not want to fly a drone with a set of goggles, plenty of other DJI drone options are available.

Can you fly the DJI FPV with your phone?

No, you cannot fly the DJI FPV with your phone. It does not work with any of the apps available on the DJI App Store.

The drone must be connected to the remote control for flying.


This article has been through everything you need to know about the best phone mounts for the DJI FPV drone and how to fly your drones safely without using the goggles and the stream provided to a smart device.

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