DJI Go 4 App Crashing [Reasons And How To Fix]

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One of the best things about DJI drones is that you can use your phone to control them. Most DJI drone owners, particularly those from the Mavic series, use the DJI Go 4 app to control their drones. 

But this app is also known for crashing. This happens a lot during major updates on phone operating systems. If you experience the same, you may ask yourself why your DJI Go 4 app keeps crashing. If your apps not working and you are sure that you have the latest Go4 app from the app store (play store or apple store) for your phone – it may be a compatibility issue.

Your DJI Go 4 app may have crashed because you updated to Android 12 or later. You may also use a very outdated app version. Installing the newest app version from DJI’s website usually solves this issue. Some users also have to use older versions of the DJI Go 4 app.

This article explores why your DJI Go 4 app keeps crashing and how you can fix it. 

Why Does Your DJI GO 4 App Keep Crashing?

There are many reasons why your DJI Go 4 App keeps crashing. The most common issue may be the incompatibility between the app and Android. But there may be other issues as well. 

You Are On a Newer Version Of Android OS

The issue of the DJI Go 4 app crashing actually started during the rollout of Android 12 in October 2021. Many users happily updated their OS during this time, only to start seeing their DJI Go app crashing. 

DJI has since released many updates to the app to try to fix these issues. But many users continue to face issues from time to time. 

If you look at DJI’s official support forum, there are still users complaining that their app crashed. This is despite upgrading to Android 13.

You Are Using An Outdated Version 

Your DJI Go 4 app may keep crashing because you are using an outdated version of the app. This may be less likely if you use older versions of Android, such as Android 11, and did not upgrade to Android 12 or 13.

Suppose you are using an older version of the DJI Go 4 app with a newer version of Android. In this case, you will be experiencing frequent crashes.

How To Stop DJI GO 4 App From Crashing? Latest versions

To stop your DJI Go 4 app from crashing, you can update both your Android operating system and the DJI app. But, if you prefer a safer approach, consider using older app versions. Use it with a device that runs Android 11 or earlier. 

As DJI drones are used worldwide, the frequent crashes resulted in many outcries. DJI’s failure to fix the problem has also resulted in some users taking things into their own hands. 

To stop your app from crashing, you can consider any of the steps below:

Update To The Newest App And Android Version

Start by exploring the first option. Ensure you have the newest versions of both the Android operating system and the DJI Go 4 app installed. 

To update your Android:

  1. Ensure you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection. This is because downloading and updating Android OS can consume a lot of data.
  2. Go to your phone’s Settings app.
  3. Scroll down to the “System” section. 
  4. Look for “System updates” or “Software update” to see if you have a newer version of Android to update to.
  5. If there is, tap “Download and install” to start the update process. Your phone should start to download the newest version. 
  6. Once downloaded, tap on “Install” to start the installation process. 
  7. Your phone may restart several times during the updating process,
  8. After the update is done, your phone should restart. 
  9. Complete the login and unlocking process.
  10. Once in, check and ensure everything is working well with your phone. 

Once you have updated to the newest Android OS, you can now update your DJI Go 4 app:

  1. It may be best to side-install the newest DJI Go 4 app from DJI’s official website. 
  2. Click on the link, and the APK file should download.
  3. Once downloaded, install the file. 
  4. Make sure to overwrite the older version of your DJi Go 4 app. 
  5. Launch the app, try to fly your drone, and see if things work.

Roll Back To Earlier Versions Of DJI Go 4 and reinstall

If you are unlucky enough, your DJI Go 4 app may still crash even after fully updating everything. This can, unfortunately, happen to users. 

Suppose you are still experiencing crashes on your app after updating. Consider rolling back versions of the DJI Go 4 app and see if any older versions work for you.

To do this, uninstall your DJI Go 4 app, reinstall the app (an older version), and then test-fly your drone with it. You may need to do this many times to finally arrive at a version that works for you. 

There are many places that host older versions of the DJI Go 4 app, which you can download from and try. Download the latest version, and then work backward in this process for all versions compatible with your smartphone (both ios and android)

Throughout the process, you can also scan the APK files before installing. This ensures the files are clean from viruses or other nasties. Although downloading from the DJI website is the safest way of getting different versions. 

Use Older Versions of DJI Go 4 and Android OS

Sometimes, you just want the safest approach. 

For example, you may be using your drones for your photography business. When trying to record key moments in your customer’s events, you do not want your app to crash.

In this case, you can consider using the older versions of the DJI Go 4 app and the Android OS. Use a phone that runs Android 11, and do not update it. 

Then install any version of the DJI Go 4 app released before October 2021. 

This app and Android combination should be the most stable. You should be able to be sure that you can fly your drone well and safely without crashing. 

This approach also may be less ‘traumatic’ to your phone. This is because you are not constantly deleting and reinstalling apps on your phone. Constantly updating, deleting, and installing apps may affect other files and apps on your phone.

DJI Support

Lastly, you should consider reaching out to DGI support so that they can walk you through all of the options available for your specific drone brand and drone model.

I have always found them to be very friendly and responsive – even though sometimes they get a bad reputation. You can also try forums and other community posts to see if there is a current issue with the DJI Go 4 app.

The Author

Dr Andrew Stapleton is a Drone pilot, Writer and YouTuber with a PhD in science. His drone footage has been featured on TV (ABC Documentary) and he has written and/or produced videos for Science Alert, COSMOS magazine, and Australia's Science Channel among others. He has been a drone pilot for many years and has flown many types of drones.