How to stop a DJI drone controller beeping [easy steps]

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It can be incredibly frustrating if your DJI controller just continues to beep continuously and you do not know what the issue is.

While I am flying my drone I do not like to turn off any of the noises as the warnings from the drone through the remote controller will allow me to keep my drone safe. However, if you want your DJI controller to stop beeping you can turn off the system warning system in the GO4 app using the steps below.

You can stop your DJI controller from beeping by adjusting the settings in the DJI App. Follow these simple steps (in the GO4 app) to silence the beeping and enjoy a quieter flying experience. Open the DJI Go app > Tap the three lines on the top left > Tap ‘General Settings’ > Scroll down and locate the ‘System Warning’ option > Toggle it off.

This should prevent your controller from beeping when you’re using it.

There are many reasons your DJI drone controller is beeping, and this article will go through everything you need to know about silencing your DJI controller and what you can do if nothing seems to work.

Why does your DJI controller keep beeping?

The DJI controller is a remote controller that is used to control and fly drones such as the Mavic, Mavic Air and other DJI drones.

The controller can beep for many reasons, and I have found that it is mostly related to safety or status of the drone. This is why I always take the beeping seriously.

For example, when the Mavic Air controller is powered on, it will beep to indicate that it has been linked with the drone and is ready for use.

Similarly, if you power off the air controller while it’s connected to the drone, it will beep to let you know that it has successfully disconnected from the drone.

One of the most annoying beeps in my experience was the continuous beep upon turning the DJI remote control on. This was related to the charge status of the remote control. I would recommend allowing it to charge up as much as possible as this seems to be the only way to stop the annoying continuous beeping.

Is it a beeping sound that indicates a fault? Firmware update required?

Not all beeping is there to be annoying – arguably, most of it is there to indicate a fault.

Beeping that indicates a fault can be quite annoying and worrying. It usually happens when either the drone or remote controller has a fault.

This can be something like:

·        a firmware update that needs to be installed,

·        control sticks that need to be calibrated,

·        or even potential controller damage.

In order to identify what is causing this sound, you should first check the drone and remote controller for any faults. I look for any obvious damage or stuck buttons.

If there are no visible signs of damage, then you may want to try running a firmware update on both the drone and the controller.

Updating the firmware on a DJI remote control is a simple process that can be done using the DJI Go app.:

1.      ensure that the remote control is fully charged and connected to the app.

2.      go to the “Settings” menu in the DJI Go app

3.      select “Remote Controller.” From there, you will see an option to check for firmware updates.

4.      If an update is available, follow the prompts to download and install the update.

It’s important to keep your firmware updated to ensure optimal performance of your remote control and compatibility with the latest features of your drone.

If this does not solve the problem, then you will likely need to calibrate your controller sticks which can be done via the settings menu on your remote controller. Failing that, you could also look into replacing or repairing the controller as it might have been damaged in some way.

How do I reset my DJI controller beeping?

If you’re not sure that your DJI controller can be silenced using the above approach you may need to do a full reset of the remote control.

For one model of controller, you can follow these simple steps:

Firstly, turn off the drone and your remote control. Then press and hold both “C1” and “C2” buttons on the back of the controller simultaneously while turning on the remote control. The controller will beep twice when it has successfully been reset.

After this, turn on the drone and ensure that both the controller and drone are connected to each other via the remote control. If done correctly, your DJI controller has successfully been reset!

If you do not see the results that you wanted from resetting your DJI controller you should consider reaching out to DJI custom support who will inform you on the next steps for fixing your noisy DJI controller.

How do I calibrate my DJI controller to stop beeping?

Regular calibrations of your DJI controller will also mean that it remains in tip top shape. I like to calibrate my controller once every few months to ensure that I am flying safely.

When calibrating your DJI controller, you will need to turn on the remote and connect it to your device.

Once connected, open up the DJI GO app on your device and access the settings menu. From here, you will need to select ‘Remote Controller’ and then ‘Calibration’. The calibration process is simple; you will be prompted to move both control sticks in certain directions until the process is finished.

This can take a few minutes but it is important to make sure that the calibration process is done correctly as this ensures that your DJI controller works as expected for all of your flight operations.

Once completed, you can then fly with confidence knowing that your remote controller has been calibrated properly.

How do I turn off the DJI controller?

Sometimes the only thing that will work in silencing my DJI controller is turning it off completely.

To turn off your DJI controller, you will need to locate the power button on the remote controller.

On most models of the DJI Controller, this button is located at the front end of the controller and looks like a small circle. When you click once and then press hold it, the controller should beep once and then turn off completely.

For example, if you have a DJI Mini 2, then you can locate the power button on the back side of the remote controller near its center.

All you have to do is press and hold it for one second until you hear a single beep coming from the controller, indicating that it has been successfully turned off.

Why is my DJI controller not working?

If your DJI controller is not working, there could be several reasons why your drone or the controller isn’t communicating with each other.

First, check if the remote controller is connected to the drone properly and that all connections are secure.

Then, ensure that the battery is fully charged and that the firmware of both the drone and remote controller are up to date. If these steps don’t fix your issue, it may be a problem with either the drone or its wireless connection.

Maybe you have a defective part on your drone or maybe something is blocking its signal. To diagnose these issues, you can try connecting it to a different device, such as your phone or tablet.

Additionally, you should check for any obstructions between the controller and drone that may be causing interference with the signal. If none of these solutions work, then it may be time to take your DJI to a professional for further inspection and repair.

Wrapping up

This article has been through everything you need to know about how to stop it DJI controller from beeping.

One of the most annoying ones that happens to me is when I first turn on the remote control – it is easily fixed by fully charging up the remote control before continuing.

Other noises are able to be silenced in the settings, but I would warn against silencing your remote control completely.

My remote control has warned me about several new collisions that I would have missed without its audio warning.

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