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Best drone video settings header

Best drone video settings. A definitive guide for the perfect video

Getting to grips with the best drone video settings will make sure that your precious time in the sky will be well spent every time! There’s a fair amount of tinkering that we can do with the video settings to make sure that you capture drone footage in the highest quality but there’s so much more to capturing awesome shots than the settings – however, they are an excellent place to start!

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Do drones get attacked by birds? header image

Do drones get attacked by birds? A complete guide for safety…

When launching your drone into the wild you have to accept responsibility for the animals and nature that you will be observing. Just like a well-known hiking moto “Take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”, as drone pilots we have a responsibility for acting responsibly and ethically when flying our drones. Here we’ll go over how drones get attacked by birds and the things you can do to protect your drone and the birds you encounter.

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are drones worth it

Are drones worth it? 10 points to consider before buying!

Are you thinking of buying a drone? There’s a load of questions of why a drone is so very worth the investment AND so many reasons why a drone is NOT worth it at all! It all depends on why you are buying a drone and making sure you buy a drone that matches HOW you are going to use it! Are drones worth it? Well, it depends…

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does a drone need wifi

Does a drone need WiFi? A complete guide to drone WiFi connections.

The tech side of setting up a drone can be pretty intimidating for a new drone owner and flyer. There is a massive array of drones – each with its own connection and app download requirements. You’ve probably seen that some features spruiked by the manufacturer involve Wifi – 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz. But what does this all mean, and does it mean that a drone needs wifi to operate? Let’s take a detailed look at this question…

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Is a drone a good gift

15 little-known reasons why a drone is a good gift

When you are looking for a great gift for someone special in your life – a drone can be a great option! From the excitement of learning something new to becoming part of a new community of friends with a common interest – buying a drone for someone can be a bloody fantastic gift! Here are 15 reasons that will answer the question “Is a drone a good gift?”…if you are looking for the short answer it is YES!

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why do bees attack drones

Why do bees attack drones? Everything you need to know

It’s happened to nearly every drone flyer at some point. You are enjoying some nice panoramic shots and a few black dots appear on your monitor. At first, it’s annoying that something is ruining your perfect shot but then you realize a swarm of bees is attacking your drone! When it first happened to me I was worried that I would wipe out an entire beehive. But also that they would swarm my drone in such huge numbers that they’d easily take it down! Let’s take a look at why bees attack drones and what you can do about it!

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Best drone for filming wildlife.

Best drone for filming wildlife. Beginner and pro options!

Drone photography and videography is the perfect way to film wildlife! Your drone will need the best combination of portability, zoom, and stability if you are going to capture the best footage of wildlife. Here let’s go through the best drone for filming wildlife for beginners and professionals!

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Can a drone cut your finger off?

Can a drone cut your finger off? Videos from experiments

Witnessing the speed and noise of a drone’s blades can cause to you wonder: Can a drone cut your finger off? As it’s whizzing over your head, past your face, or hand catching as you come into land – there’s no doubt that sometimes being in close contact to your done is inevitable! But what if you accidentally come a little too close…let’s find out

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Why does my drone keep disconnecting

Why does my drone keep disconnecting? 7 common issues

Sending up a drone seeing it disappear into the distance is all part of the fun of flying! But occasionally – just as it is out of sight – you’ll get a disconnected warning from your controller. This is surprisingly common with DJI drones and other commercial drones. Here we will look at the common issues your disconnection and how you can stop it from happening in the future. Why does my drone keep disconnecting? 7 common reasons…

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