The Best Mavic Mini 1 + 2 accessories

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DJI has released an incredible drone in the Mavic Mini 2. The drone fills an incredible spot between hobby flying and serious drone ownership. I love that it is incredibly small and can be taken on your adventures. Along with this drone, DJI has released some accessories, and there are plenty of third-party options for making your drone more useful and fun to fly.

The best Mavic Mini 2 accessories include the charging base, propeller straps, drone car charger, neutral density filters, SanDisk extreme microSD cards, landing pads, polarised sunglasses and a dedicated bag for travel and storage.

If you are looking for the best Mavic Mini 2 accessories on the market at the moment, look no further than this carefully curated list.

Official accessories

I like using official DJI accessories because they make me feel confident that the accessory will work perfectly with the DJI drone.

Some manufacturers like to say that the warranty is void if you start using third party accessories. Although I have used some third party accessories with my DJI drone, I always opt for the official options due to compatibility reasons.

Like most of their other drones, DJI has released several official accessories that most DJI Mavic Mini 2 owners would love to own.

Charging Base

The charging base is an attractive and functional display case that charges your drone while showing off its form and small size.

This base would look perfectly at home on a minimalist desk with a sleek and industrial minimalist design with lights that show up the drone from the inside – through a slightly tinted plastic dome.

This charging base is compatible with the Mavic mini and the DJI Mavic mini 2.

Having a place where your drone sits, that is dust free and is easy to grab and go is a fantastic combination of features that will ensure your drone last for a long time and that you can see it.

Never underestimate the power of having your drone visible as a simple reminder of taking your drone with you on your adventures.

Snap adapter

Many people want to carry stuff on their drone, and the snap adapter allows you to attach small objects to the top of your DJI Mavic mini drone. You can send messages on an LED display or take your favourite Lego figure on a ride.

If you want to know more about what you could use a snap adapter for, check out this YouTube video below that goes through all of the things that you can clip to the snap adapter – it seems to work particularly well with Lego and the backlit display that comes with the kit.

Drone propellers

Changing your drone propellers regularly will keep your drone safe and ensure that the drone flies safely and predictably.

They’re what tyres are to a car, and they’re the same for drones. They keep the drone in the air while allowing you to perform various amazing 3D actions. Drone propellers are a low-cost, easily changeable component that is sometimes disregarded.

Drone propellers are simple to replace and can save you from various problems, including drone destruction crashes.

If you want to know when you should change your drone’s propellers, check out my other article, where I reveal the nine symptoms to look out for. Click here to be taken directly to the article.

When you should change your drone’s propeller

Official propellers can be found online for as little as $10. I always keep a spare pair of drone propellers in my backpack if one of them collides with an overhanging structure or if I want to be extra confident during a flight trip.

360-degree propeller guard

These tiny pieces of plastic can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in drone damage. If I’m not sure about the area where I’ll be travelling, I always make sure I have a spare set in my carry case.

These are especially beneficial if you’re flying indoors because your drone will bounce off walls, doors, and other obstacles without damaging them or, more crucially, causing your drone to fall out of the sky.

Some people are reluctant to use propeller guards as they view them as beginner pilot accessories. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They weigh very little and help protect from collisions on the sides, top and bottom, even in an outdoor or overhanging environment.

They are a no-brainer for me if I’m flying inside to navigate tricky environments.

They protect your drone and protect any people in the area if you accidentally come into contact with obstacles or people.

Charging hub

Charging your batteries is an important part of drone maintenance and flying.

Lithium polymer batteries need to be well looked after. Having a dedicated charging hub that is easy to use and charges multiple batteries means that your batteries will always be in tip-top condition.

The charging hub allows for simultaneous charging of up to 3 batteries, and in only 4.5 hours, you can fully charge all of them attached.

The charging hub also allows you to charge up your smartphone or tablet, which means that the amount of charge will not limit your flight on your smartphone.

It only weighs 80 g, making it perfect for travelling on your next holiday or adventure.

When I travel, I like to take a DJI charger and leave it on a highly visible surface so that my drone flight is always at the front of my mind. Taking your drone with you is the first hurdle in capturing awesome photos and videos of your holidays.

DIY decals

The official Mavic mini DIY creative kit is a perfect way to create a unique drone without permanently changing your frame.

Using simple decals, anyone can add a unique look to any drone.

This kit contains everything you need for creating your very own drone decal, including six skins for the drone, five marker pens, and six cleaning wipes.

Perfect for people who want to express themselves creatively by customising their products.

This kit is ideal for children and young adults who want to express themselves creatively as part of their drone hobby.

Propeller strap

When travelling with your drone, nothing is more annoying than having floppy propellers that move around while trying to pack up your drone.

A propeller strap keeps the propellers together with the drone’s body so that it is one item and it is easier to travel with.

A lot of the damage that a drone can receive happens during storage and transport of the drone rather than during the flight. I know that most of my drone incidents have been caused while the drone has been in my back.

If you are not a fan of dedicated cases having the propellers safely attached to your drone will be less likely to break.

The propeller holder can also attach your drone to a belt or backpack, making it perfect for peace of mind and keeping it easily accessible.

DJI Mini Bag

The DJI mini Bag plus is perfectly suited for the Mavic mini and comes in various colours, making it perfect for your drone adventures.

Inside the bag, you can fit a DJI mini two aircraft, a remote control, and a two-way charging hub.

Having all of the accessories in a single and readily accessible grab and go back means that you are more likely to take your DJI drone on your adventures. I have found that the easier I have made it for myself in terms of grabbing my drone while heading out the door, the more I have used my drone.

3rd party Accessories

Not all of the best accessories come directly from the manufacturer of this drone. There are plenty of other third-party accessories which can make your time as a drone pilot much more enjoyable.

Here is a roundup of some of the best third party accessories for your DJI Mavic mini and Mavic mini 2. These third-party accessories may be perfect for any drone pilot.

Neutral density filters

For your drone camera, neutral density filters are similar to sunglasses. They are a tool that should be in the toolkit of any serious drone photographer.

It simply decreases the amount of light entering the camera and reaching the sensor. The filters are referred to as “neutral” because they do not alter the colour of the image being collected.

They allow you to avoid overexposure while utilising extended exposure times, widen your aperture, and create some amazing coloured shots on bright days.

Neutral density filters are certainly something that you should purchase if you want to maximise the ability of your drone to take awesome photos.

SanDisk Extreme microSD card

Having several different memory cards for your drone means that you’ll be able to record much more footage and swap between editing and recording much more easily.

If you want to know more about the best microSD cards for a drone, check out my other article – click here – where I go through everything you need to know about choosing the best microSD card and the symbols to look out for.

The memory cards recommended by DJI include:

DJI Mini 2 (Up to 256GB)16 GB: SanDisk Extreme 32 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Industrial, SanDisk Extreme V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2, SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Pro V30 A2, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x 64 GB: Samsung Pro Endurance, Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Lexar High Endurance, Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1, Netac Pro V30 A1 128 GB: Samsung Evo Plus, SanDisk Extreme V30 A2, SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A1, SanDisk Extreme Plus V30 A2, Lexar 633x, Lexar 667x, Lexar 1000x, Lexar High Endurance, Toshiba EXCERIA M303 V30 A1, Netac Pro V30 A1 256 GB: SanDisk Extreme V30 A2

To record 4K footage, the best microSD cards for a drone must have a write speed of 12.5 MB/s. Look for the symbols “U3” or “V30,” which indicate that the minimum continuous write speed is 30MB/s, which is plenty for most drones.

My recommendation is to get the SanDisk extreme Pro which you can find on Amazon for a very reasonable price.

The fact that these have a five-star rating from 36,000 reviews on Amazon shows you how great these little microSD cards are!

64 GB$4684Get one
126 GB$33168Get one
256GB$17336Get one


Flying may be made considerably more comfortable with an adjustable lanyard that hangs around your neck and connects you to your controller.

Choose a lanyard that has thick cushioning around the neck area and can be adjusted to fit your arm length.

Also, ensure sure the lanyard has a dependable and high-quality clasp. You must be able to put your trust in it with the hundreds of dollars dangling from your neck.

Even if you’re not doing other things while flying, some more professional drone controllers can get quite hefty, making flying considerably more comfortable.

Landing pad

In your carrying case, a drone landing pad is a must-have.

It safeguards your drone from a wide range of threats.

A landing pad is ideal if you frequently take off in tough terrains, such as in the country, or if you frequently take off from beaches or have to land in the tallgrass.

The landing pad serves as an ideal firm surface and a superb landing target for high presicion automatic landings.

A decent landing pad will have bright blue and orange sides, so you may choose the appropriate colour for the area you’re in, as well as pegs to keep it in place even in the strongest winds.

The downwash will not dislodge any loose rocks or cause any problems when landing with a big landing pad.

If you have a little drone, you’ll want to get one of these. If you have a drone like the DJI Mavic mini, it will protect the fragile props and the camera gimbal from debris getting into the motors. A low-cost addition protects your drone from damage caused by irritating dirt and stones.

Signal booster

A drone signal booster comprises parabolic mirrors that reflect the controller’s signal to the drone.

It can be used to extend your flight range or to prevent signal dropout in Wi-Fi and 5G-heavy locations.

They appear futuristic and somewhat unnecessary, yet they are quite handy if you frequently fly in a busy city with lots of electromagnetic noise.

These parabolic reflectors are often foldable and slip onto the drone controller’s antenna. They are lightweight and provide additional security when flying long distances. For the serious drone pilots among us, this is a must-have.

Sun hood sunshade

When you’re flying your drone in bright light, the level of glare from your screen can be one of the most aggravating aspects.

On a bright sunny day, even with an antiglare screen for iPads and iPhones, you can see a reflection of yourself, which can be highly distracting.

One of the best things you can do to improve your flight experience in sunny locations is to use a screen hood to cover the screen from the harsh glare.

This low-cost screen ensures that you can see the first-person perspective from your drone in any weather. Sunscreens are available for almost any smart device connected to a drone controller.

Polarised sunglasses

You spend a lot of time looking up into the sky as a drone pilot.

Looking at the sky and bright scenes regularly might cause eyestrain and even injury. A good pair of polarised sunglasses will protect your eyes and keep you from squinting during your flight.

I have found that they are particularly useful when flying over water to stop the reflected sunlight from causing uncomfortable glare from the water’s surface.

There’s no reason they have to look shabby, so go with whatever style you think looks best. If you frequently fly in a hot and sunny atmosphere, polarised sunglasses will become one of your greatest friends and something you will bring with you regularly.

Best Bags for the Mavic Mini 2

Carrying your Mavic mini 2 in a bag is a very important part of owning a drone. Having a comfortable, easy-to-use, small and compact bag, that can protect the drone as best as possible is going to be one of the best accessories you can purchase.

RotorLogic DJI Mini 2 Sholder bag

The RotorLogic is a great bag for the DJI Mavic mini 2. It only weighs 8 ounces and holds the drone perfectly designed specifically for this drone.

Click here to see more details

With great reviews on Amazon, people report that they can fit three batteries, charges, controllers, and an assortment of small items in the bag.

If you want an officially supported bag for your drone, look no further than this option.  

O’woda Mavic Mini 2 Portable Case

This bag has been specially designed for the DJI Mavic mini 2 and it has integrated storage and protective phone and shell for a high-quality and easy-to-use bag.

See more details here.

It can contain three batteries, a charging data cable, two remote control sticks, two propellers, a drone, a remote control, and a two-way charging hub under the remote control’s storage place.

Wear-Resistant and Anti-Collision Material: This storage bag is made of high-quality PU carbon fibre texture material, robust, simple, and attractive, with an increased wear-resistant effect, waterproof, and anti-collision properties.

Huaye Waterproof Carrying Case

This waterproof carrying case may be perfect for your next adventure.

It comes with space for a drone, remote control, two Mavic 2 batteries, a mobile phone, spare propellers, SD cards, and a slew of other supplies. It may also be used as a regular travel backpack.

See more details here

Smart controller shoulder bag with partitions and layered design is easy to stow and take out, reducing the strain of travel and making it more comfortable to take out stuff.


In this article, I have been over everything you need to know about the best Mavic mini 2 accessories currently available.

The affordability of the DJI Mavic mini series drones means that there are many opportunities to expand your drone accessories by purchasing things that will make your experience more enjoyable and extend the capabilities of your drone.

Choosing the right accessories for you can increase your enjoyment of flying your drone.

Happy drone flying!

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Dr Andrew Stapleton is a Drone pilot, Writer and YouTuber with a PhD in science. His drone footage has been featured on TV (ABC Documentary) and he has written and/or produced videos for Science Alert, COSMOS magazine, and Australia's Science Channel among others. He has been a drone pilot for many years and has flown many types of drones.