What drone does your favorite content creator use?

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It’s something that we’ve all wandered from time to time – what drone is my favourite content created using? The Internet, and particularly YouTube, is full of people using drones in new and innovative ways to capture the attention of audiences from all over the world. In this article I have reviewed all of the popular content creators that use drones and have attempted to identify which drones they use. Interestingly, not all content creators use the latest drone on the market. They tend to pick drones based on the needs of the content creator such as portability, battery life, the quality of footage they want to achieve and also the cost of the drone.

Here are what some of the most popular YouTube content creators are using to capture their awesome drone shots and give you an insight into the lives that they lead.

Content creatorDrones used
YoungbloodsPhantom 4
Mavic 2 Pro
StromedyMavic Air
Mavic Pro
Mavic Air 2
Casey NeistatAnafi
Mavic Pro
Mavic Air 2
Sam KolderMavic Air
Mavic Air 2
Inspire + Zenmuse X5S
Ally LawSpark
Mavic Air 2
Jonna JintonMavic Pro
Tom GreenMavic series drone (suspected)
Itchy BootsMavic Air

What drone does Youngbloods use?

This YouTube channel captures the adventures of a group of friends who spend the majority of the production time out on the ocean in a boat capturing awesome drone footage of Australian tropical and subtropical waters.

The YouTube channel says that it is all about enjoying the ocean, nature and everything above or below by being selective and sustainable. The main channel personality is a guy called Brodie Moss.

The drones that are used on this channel need to go out over the water very often. That means that they need a drone which they can trust while sending out over the ocean and will return predictably back to the boat. If you want to know more about how to fly safely over water with a drone check out my other article – 12 tips on how to fly safely with a drone overwater – click here to be taken to the full article…

Drones used:

I’ve watched a number of the episodes from this YouTube channel and previous to it looks like the primary drone was a Phantom series drone. They have an episode where it crashes into the water and I have identified the drone as the DJI Phantom 4.

After the DJI Phantom 4 has taken a swim in the water they replace the drone with a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. This video was published on March 22, 2019 and includes some footage of its primary flight. This is the last evidence that I could find of an updated drone although, it makes me suspicious that they have upgraded recently to the DJI Mavic Air 2 because of its amazing capabilities and affordability.

Why these drones?

I think that the main consideration from this content creator about using a drone is that it needs to be a good quality and from a trustworthy manufacturer as their drones will be put out over the water and they cannot have any mistakes without them being costly. Simply put it – landing in the water means a dead drone.

Any of the DJI drone series in the Phantom or Mavic range will be suitable for these content creators well into the future.


What drone does Stromedy use?

This YouTube channel is from a creator called Kyle Godfrey. The YouTube channel uses content such as pranks, skits, and other comedy blocks to attract a following. Of all of the videos that I watched I could identify a couple of drones which we used to capture aerial footage.

Because this comedy floor creator is based at home he has the ability to use any type of drone as portability is not much of an issue for them. Also with 2.1 million subscribers they also are likely to have the budget for a top of the range consumer level drone. This video creator is not a professional (Hollywood) content creator and so they would not need the enterprise models that some other YouTube is who are videographers would need.

Drones used

I have watched a few of the videos and I notice that in one video they used both the DJI Mavic air and the DJI Mavic pro to record their video. The DJI Mavic air and Mavic pro are fantastic drones to have around if you need to capture a quick aerial shot and need high definition footage for bigger screens.

In later videos this content creator uses a DJI Mavic air 2. Even though you don’t get to see the drone directly it is easy to identify the DJI Mavic air 2 through the controller which is used and seen in the video to capture Santa flying through the air.

Why these drones?

Because this content creator does not necessarily produce and Hollywood style productions any drone with a reasonable battery life and good quality footage will suffice. Because of their size and popularity of the YouTube channel is likely they will continue to upgrade their drone as soon as new ones come out. This isn’t because of technical requirements but rather that they are likely to have the budgets to be able to invest in new toys as they come out. I mean, they are only human and who doesn’t love a new drone purchase!

What drone does Casey Neistat use?

Casey Neistat is an incredible content creator and prolific YouTuber. Ever since the inception of his blog he has been a powerhouse user of a load of different drones. In fact, it’s much easier to list the drones Casey has not flown and featured in his YouTube channel down to list the ones he has used…

One thing I love about Casey is that he has a very specific idea of what drone technology brings to his films and videos. He doesn’t want drones to look like drones in a number of different YouTube videos he has talked about how he wants it to look like a camera on a boom or a fixed camera position way up high. What he doesn’t want is a drone video to look like he has bought a drone.

Take a look at so these recent videos and you’ll notice that the drone very rarely moves in a drone like fashion. He wants smooth or stationary shots which don’t distract the viewer with jerky drone like camera movement.

In one of his videos published on 2 February 2016 Casey had lost his parrot Anafi drone on the top of a New York building. However, in more recent videos he has been using the DJI Mavic series of drones. He is a huge fan of the DJI Mavic pro when he is travelling and has most recently upgraded to the DJI Mavic air 2.

One thing I really like about Casey is that he uses his equipment to their extremes. In his New York studio he had a drone a graveyard of all of the drones he had damaged and they looked like they were primarily the DJI Phantom series drones.

Why these drones?

Casey needs drones for portability as well as quality footage. This is why when he travels, he travels with a foldable drone such as the DJI Mavic pro and when he is at home he is able to use the DJI Phantom 4.

Casey needs his drones to be robust and easy to use whilst also providing high-definition high frame rate footage for some awesome slow-motion shots. If you are a vlogger who needs greater quality images with portability and ease-of-use you should consider buying the DJI Mavic air 2 just like Casey.

What drone does Sam Kolder use?

Sam is a YouTube and filmmaker who needs drones to produce awesome cinemagraphic footage. Here are some of the best drone clips that he was able to create in 2019:

You’ll agree with me that they are pretty phenomenal and he really knows what he’s doing with a drone.

Sam uses the DJI Mavic air while he is travelling as he likes the portability and power of this drone. Properly for the same reasons which I utterly love my DJI Mavic air. He has also used the DJI Mavic pro but in a recent video he’s talked about how the new Mavic air 2 is replacing all of his other drones!

The DJI Mavic air 2 is a fantastic drone and it really does make a huge difference and it is one of the best drones that DJI have made.

Also, Sam uses the DJI inspire with Zenmuse X5S if he wants to get production quality footage for his films.

Why these drones?

In all of his videos Sam says that he is a minimalist filmmaker. Having a good quality drone which is tiny but packs a load of features is what he is after. He says that his favourite drone was the DJI Mavic air which has now been replaced with the upgrade – the DJI Mavic air 2.

If you’re a serious filmmaker who wants to take your drone to the next level then the DJI Mavic air 2 cannot be beaten at the moment.

What drone does Ally Law use?

Ally Law is a YouTube who explores high places. Based in the UK he travels around the UK and the world looking for adventure and all structures to climb.

Because Ally needs to carry his drones through tight spaces and on his back while he is climbing up structures he needs his drones to be small and ready to fly in an instant.

In his earlier videos he uses the DJI spark – you can see this in his video dated January 8, 2018. However, as I’ve been watching his videos I have noticed that the video quality is not quite that of the DJI spark. I have a suspicion that in one of his latest videos he is using the DJI Mavic air 2 because of the quality of the footage.

Whatever he uses he needs to make sure that the drone is extremely portable and can capture his adventures simply and easily. We don’t want him being distracted while he’s looking down a terrifying drop.

Why these drones?

It is clear that Ally has selected these drones because of their ability to be stored in a very small backpack and not add any weight to his already difficult climb.

If you are a thrillseeker who wants to take a drone with you to capture your adventures I recommend the DJI spark or DJI Mavic mini which capture high definition footage without the weight or size of other drones.

What drone does Jonna Jinton use?

Jonna is a YouTube with 2.9 million subscribers and is a Swedish artist, musician and filmmaker who lives in a remote part of North Sweden.

Although her videos do not reveal any of the drones that she uses from her blog she has revealed that she used the DJI Mavic pro for a number of the shots in her songs. This drone is a powerhouse drone which can capture stunning footage. It’s not a small or portable as others in the list but it doesn’t matter for how Jonna is using her drone.

Why this drone?

This drone is perfect for capturing high-definition footage and also providing stunning landscape photography and videography of northern Sweden. If you are a songwriter and filmmaker who needs a slightly more affordable option than the latest model DJI Mavic pro and the DJI Mavic pro two will be fantastic drones for you. They are robust, affordable, and portable enough if you do not need to carry them regularly in a backpack.

What drone does Tom Green use?

Tom Green is a comedian YouTube who recently has started to travel around the United States of America in a van while sharing his adventure using drone shots to capture some of the stunning landscape.

I watched a number of his videos and I can’t quite pick out what sort drone is using but the remote control that I can see looks like a DJI Mavic series. This leads me to believe that it is a DJI Mavic pro or a DJI Mavic Air. Because Tom is travelling in a van space and storage size of a drone is very important. Using a drone with collapsible arms like a DJI Mavic series drone will be much better for him than a phantom series drone which can take up a fair bit of space.

Why this drone?

Tom will use a drone which gets him good enough footage for YouTube but because he is not filmmaker he does not care about the higher end specs of a drone like the DJI Mavic air 2. Travelling rain is van means that he needs a reliable drone which is able to capture landscapes easily and the DJI Mavic series will do this with no issue. Because these drones are a little bit older you can also pick up a secondhand drone which can save you a ton of money. If you want to know more about how to buy secondhand drone check out my other article which includes a 50 Park checklist completely free which you can download – click here to be taken to article.

What drone does Itchy Boots use?

Itchy Boots is an incredible YouTube who travels around the world on her bike sharing her adventures for us all to be envious of.

Because itchy Boots needs to travel on a bike the size of the drone and the weight of the drone is going to be of utmost importance. She revealed in her blog that she uses the DJI Mavic air and you can see that in one of the YouTube videos dated 29 November 2019.

When I first watched her footage of her travels in August 12, 2019 the footage kind of look like footage you would get from the DJI spark. My suspicion is that she bought this drone as it was the smallest on the market but was quickly replaced by the DJI Mavic air because of the increased flight time and superior footage that it can collect.

Why this drone?

The DJI Mavic air is an incredible powerhouse and I love it. I still think it’s one of the best drones that DJI has ever made as it is so portable and affordable and stable and it has incredible manoeuvrability that it should be a drone that everyone should consider if they are in the market for buying a drone.

Check out my YouTube video for why I love this drone so much:

I’m still yet to get my hands on a DJI Mavic air 2 but based on other people’s opinions it may be the one drone which I will consider upgrading to… Maybe!

So, there are the most popular drones for some of the most well-known YouTubers. But, what drone do YouTube’s use in general? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think.


What drone do YouTubers use?

YouTubers generally DJI drones. This is because they are from a great and well-respected manufacturer of drones and when you are buying a drone you wanted to be as robust and dependable as possible.

One thing you’ll notice from the range of drones in the article, above is that each Youtuber selects a different type of drone based on what their use case and needs are.

They use the right tool to get the job done!

YouTubers all select a drone based on the important properties for them. If they are a smaller YouTuber they will probably have a cheaper drone which isn’t as expensive to replace batteries. However, if they are a much larger YouTuber with many subscribers they properly have the budget for a top of the range drone which they may or may not use the best features of.

A lot of adventuring YouTube this will need to have the drone as small as possible so that it doesn’t take up too much space while they are travelling or climbing around on their adventure trips. Here are some of the important aspects that YouTubers use to decide what drone is the best for them:


it seems that size of drone is a very important part for minimalist filmmakers and people that are travelling. If, however, the YouTuber is primarily producing vlogs or comedy skits from their home they do not need portability as a feature.

The smallest drone that was used by the YouTuber is that I’ve talked about above is the DJI Mavic air. This is a great drone which is small but still powerful and many of them have upgraded recently to the DJI Mavic air 2. This is because it is still portable whilst also having some features which no other drones on the market have like super high frame rates and improved sensor and processing.


Clearly, price is a big factor for a lot of drone purchases. I notice that for YouTuber’s with much more subscribers they purchased the more expensive and latest drones on the market. However, the most expensive drone isn’t necessarily the best drone for the way that you are going to use it.

Always buy drone within your budget and you can pick up some awesome drones at a relatively inexpensive price.

Quality of footage

There seems to be a big difference between the source of drones that filmmakers and videographers use and they prioritise features like frame rate, drone footage quality, and stability.

However, other YouTuber’s prioritise size over the quality of the footage. The important take-home message for this part is that you should choose a drone which suits what you wanted to do and not just by the best drone on the market because that’s what you think you need to do!


Your favourite content creator uses a drone which best suits the way in which they are going to use it. If they are an adventure YouTuber they will probably prioritise portability over footage. On the other end of the spectrum we have seen that YouTuber’s who are filmmakers and songwriters prioritise video quality and 4K footage over portability.

By a drone that best suits the way that you are going to use it and you cannot go wrong!

The Author

Dr Andrew Stapleton is a Drone pilot, Writer and YouTuber with a PhD in science. His drone footage has been featured on TV (ABC Documentary) and he has written and/or produced videos for Science Alert, COSMOS magazine, and Australia's Science Channel among others. He has been a drone pilot for many years and has flown many types of drones.